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Actigift is an award-winning product development company in wine accessories and lighter case. Trusted by well known companies, Actigift has dedicated last three decades in innovation product development.


We design and manufacture products to elevate your brand identity. Trusted by top wine brands over the world in the past decade.



Ice bucket

Wine Stopper

Bottle Opener

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Actigift has 29 years experience morphing ideas into reliable design. Our design team creates, prototypes, and iterates to evolve idea into timeless design. Actigift also works with well-known brands on innovation projects to bring brand identity to the next level. 


Actigift lives and breathes with plastic and metal parts. Being a veteran in manufacturing and boasting its deep production network, Actigift knows every pitfall to avoid and is capable of bringing top notch quality consistently.


Actigift proudly ships products to warehouses all over the world. Our detail-oriented logistic manager handles end-to-end transportation with timely updates to give our client a peace of mind.


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